13 Marketing Ninjas to Follow on Twitter

13 Marketing Ninjas to Follow on Twitter

It’s time to amp up your game and learn from the best. We’ve compiled some of the most influential thought leaders in the SEO, search marketing, content marketing, inbound marketing and digital marketing space today. Add a few (or, all!) of these marketing ninjas to your Twitter feed ASAP!

Jay Acunzo


As the co-founder of Boston Content, Jay is passionate about educating and motivating content producers and marketers. He’s a creative content marketer who’s worked with top-shelf brands including HubSpot, ESPN and Google, just to name a few. Browse his Twitter feed for the latest marketing news and goofy insight on trending topics.

Jay Baer


Jay is the brains behind the popular Convince & Convert content marketing blog and podcast. As a marketing keynote speaker and author, Jay has consulted with global brands including Caterpillar and Nike. You can find him tweeting about marketing tools and trends daily.

Michael Brenner


As the head of strategy at NewsCred, Michael fills his Twitter feed with the latest content marketing industry news. You’ve also read his blog posts about search marketing on the B2B Marketing Insider. Michael is your go-to guy when you need tips on nurturing sales leads, integrating inbound marketing into your plan and creating customer loyalty.

Jeff Bullas


Digital marketer Jeff Bullas writes an overwhelmingly popular self-titled blog about social media marketing and content marketing. He’s been named a top online influencer by countless publications and boasts a Klout score of 82. Need to know what’s new with marketing via LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter or Facebook? He’s got you covered.

Joel Comm


Joel is a search marketing guru who helps companies market their brand via Twitter and Facebook. He also creates mobile apps and speaks publicly about the power of social media as a marketing tool. He refers to himself as a serial entrepreneur and New Media Marketing Strategist.

Barry Feldman


As a content marketing strategist who also writes marketing and website content, Barry is a passionate about helping people learn how to grow their business by using online marketing. His Twitter feed is saturated with articles about SEO, digital marketing and actionable writing tips to get the most of your content marketing efforts.

Ann Handley


With almost three decades of writing and digital marketing under her belt, Ann has been cited in Forbes Magazine as the most influential woman on social media and recognized as one of the top 20 women bloggers by ForbesWoman. In addition to her position with MarketingProfs, she is also a monthly contributor to Entrepreneur magazine and is continually committed to ending mediocre marketing content.

Gerry Moran


Don’t miss out on the chance to follow the man who “eats social media for breakfast.” A leader in social selling and marketing strategy, there is nothing in the digital world Gerry won’t tackle. A talented speaker, marketer, and strategist – he is the triple threat. If you feel like there is nothing more to be learned from social marketing, Gerry will shed light on new information and opportunities.

Joe Pulizzi


This self-proclaimed content marketing evangelist is the founder of the Content Marketing Institute. He has authored and co-authored books on content marketing – some of which were named as suggested reads in Fortune Magazine. If content marketing is your forte, Joe has all the knowledge and motivation you need. His tweets convey his passion for content marketing and the industry as a whole.

Pat Flynn


This self-made digital marketing guru teaches his audience how to make money online when you’re not logged in. Pat’s website, Smart Passive Income, not only educates, but also motivates entrepreneurs to find ways to earn residual income through digital marketing ventures including selling e-books, earning from podcast sponsorships and making money from affiliate marketing.

Kim Garst


Need motivation? Kim serves up a heavy dose of inspiration each day along with her social media marketing tips and tricks. Posts on her Twitter feed encourage you to make goals, time for yourself and be courageous enough to try new things with your online business. She’s also in love with Periscope and tweets about it often.

Mari Smith


You’ve seen her glowing smile and bubbly personality shine on her frequent Facebook Live and Periscope chats. Mari Smith is a Facebook marketing expert from California who offers e-courses, public talks and books aimed at getting the most of the Facebook platform.

Chuck Aikens


And, last but not least, a shameless plug for our CEO, Chuck Aikens. For over 15 years, Chuck has been dissecting search engines to figure out exactly what makes Google look upon a website favorably. As a search marketing expert and CEO of Volume Nine, Chuck fills his Twitter feed with tips about keyword usage, link building and content marketing strategies.

Who’s your favorite marketing ninja? Tell us in the comments below!