Volume Nine Community Service Day #BrandonCenter2014

Volume Nine Community Service Day #BrandonCenter2014

Volume Nine teamed up with partner company Booyah Advertising on Friday, May 23 for our second annual community service day at the Volunteers of America Brandon Center.

With the cooperation of Volunteers of America staff, Brandon Center residents, and several corporate sponsors, we kicked off Memorial Day Weekend on a high note.

CEO Chuck Aikens making more room for tree trimmings

V9 CEO Chuck Aikens making more room for tree trimmings

Account Director Drew Horst working hard (hardly workin?)

V9 Account Director Drew Horst working hard (hardly workin?)



Over 50 people from Volume Nine and Booyah contributed their time to help paint numerous hallways and rooms as well as do light construction and landscaping projects.

Some of our major accomplishments from the day:

  • 800 pounds of play sand added to the sandpit
  • 51 bags of mulch spread in the garden area
  • 32 wheelbarrows full of tree and bush clippings
  • 2 rooms adopted
  • Over 2000+ square feet painted
  • 2 playsets assembled
Finished landscaping work at the Brandon Center.

A brand new finished garden area!

Adopted rooms finished being painted.

Volume Nine’s adopted room







 Dollars for Diapers

Prior to our day of service, Volume Nine learned that one of the biggest needs Brandon Center residents have is fresh diapers. In response, we organized an official drive, Dollars for Diapers, to help mothers afford fresh diapers for their children.

Thank you to everyone who donated or supported the cause. We raised over $700 that will be used toward the purchase of over 2,000 diapers.

#BrandonCenter2014 Donors

We could not have done any of this without the help of the companies that donated the supplies, food, toys, and science kits.

Everyone at Volume Nine would like to thank the following companies:

Starbucks – for coming through and providing the caffeine we needed to start the morning.

Home- DepotHome Depot – for donating our landscaping materials, a new refrigerator, and gallons upon gallons of paint and painting supplies. We used every last drop of paint to cover and freshen up the hallways and bedrooms of the Brandon Center.

Little Tikes – for donating a lot of great playground equipment and toys. We could not build the play sets fast enough for the kids to start playing; they were overjoyed!

Chipotle – for not only providing our lunch at a huge discount, but for providing us some unexpected entertainment. We’re looking at you, Katelyn Moosey.

Steve Spangler Science – for donating some awesome science kits for the kids. Steve Spangler knows how to make science fun, and with his maybe these kids will be inspired to follow in the footsteps of Neil DeGrasse Tyson!

Looking Forward to Next Year

Everyone had such a great time that we can only hope to make next year even bigger and better. A huge thank you goes out to everyone who helped make #BrandonCenter2014 a success.

Thanks to Volunteers of America

Lastly, we want to give thanks to Volunteers of America for the opportunity to help the women and children that call the Brandon Center home. May 23rd was a beautiful day to get our hands dirty. Everyone was covered head to toe in soil and paint, and we had a blast!