SEO Tips from the ClickZ (SES) Conference 2014

SEO Tips from the ClickZ (SES) Conference 2014

As a professional speaker, there are a few milestones you hit that you can really point to as big moments in your career, like the first time your tweet stream blows up with people quoting your session, your first paid gig, your first international presentation, etc.

One of those big milestones for me was speaking at Search Engine Strategies (now called ClickZ). In the SEO world, SES is one of the premier conferences and only the leading authorities in SEO get a coveted spot on the speaking roster. So, I was thrilled to be back at the conference for the second year in a row to talk Content Marketing strategy.

As a side benefit to speaking at ClickZ, I also got to get a sense of what other SEOs are up to and the trends they are seeing with their clients.

Here are a few takeaways / tips I gleaned from the conference:

1. Re-Engage with Twitter

Powerful things happen when brands use Twitter to engage with consumers authentically and “in the moment.” Don’t be afraid to interact with your audience on Twitter. Also, Twitter is actively working on ways to monetize the platform, such as Tweet-A-Coffee (which lets you buy and send a Starbucks gift card to anyone on Twitter).

All, in all, if you’ve been ignoring Twitter as a brand, this is a great time to get re-engaged with the platform.

2. Influencer Outreach

Majestic SEO link profiles are a great resource to use in order to inform online PR campaigns, as you can troll for influencers in a specific industry to develop an outreach strategy. Bottom line, consider investing in Majestic – it was one of the top SEO tools referenced at the conference (if you are a V9 client, you are in luck, as we already use this tool for you).

3. Digital Marketing Trends

Technology is making consumers remember less (which doesn’t mesh well with Marketing, as Marketing general strives to make a brand remembered). In order to combat this, brands should have a comprehensive mobile strategy and should incorporate imagery as much as possible in campaigns.

4. Personality in Marketing

Personality in marketing can make a huge difference. This was highlighted in several sessions, including a funny YouTube video made by fans for TSN and a quirky Vine video from Tide that they ran during Shark Week, touting that Tide can take blood out of clothes.

5. Social Meta Data

Social Meta Data was a popular topic (and one I actually covered in addition to other speakers). Companies should be incorporating social Meta Data to make their content as sharable as possible.


Some of the companies who presented at the conference include:

  • Google
  • Microsoft Canada
  • Bing
  • Majestic SEO
  • Twitter Canada
  • Yahoo! Canada
  • Marin Software
  • Search Engine Watch
  • AOL Inc.
  • Acquisio
  • The Sports Network (TSN)
  • Salesforce
  • Localeze

In my session I covered:

  • Why most SEOs fail at content marketing
  • A Content Marketing process that took us more than a year to fully develop
  • How to find your next “big idea”
  • How to scale quality content
  • What to do with your content and how to amplify its effects and footprint
  • Why you can measure content marketing & how to do that
  • Tips for selling content marketing (either upward in your organization or to other companies)

I had a great time at the conference, and I’m glad I could bring back a few industry insights to the team!

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Natalie Henley

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