Volume Nine Volunteers of America Adopt-A-Family

Volume Nine Volunteers of America Adopt-A-Family

On Saturday, December 14th Volume Nine had the opportunity to send five employees to volunteer at the Volunteers of America gift collection center at 1247 Santa Fe. Each holiday season the Volunteers of America Adopt-A-Family program provides Christmas gifts for more than 400 local families. Donors are able to adopt a family and then purchase gifts and gift cards for the family. The Volume Nine team was very excited to participate this year by both adopting a family and also sending employees to help with gift collection and organization on Saturday December 14th.

To prepare for this volunteer event Volume Nine employees split into two separate teams. TheVolunteers-of-America first team was tasked with shopping for the gifts the adopted family requested, and then the best part, wrapping the gifts!! Volume Nine Inc. made a very generous monetary donation which allowed this team of employees to purchase the gifts for the adopted family. All in all, we were able to provide a single mother and her three children with Christmas presents and a $100 gift card to King Soopers!

The second team of five employees arrived Saturday morning, December 14th, at the Volunteer of America Collection site at 1247 Santa Fe Drive Denver, CO 80204. We were greeted by the event coordinator, Kris Dahlberg, with a big smile and quick tour of the building. After brief introductions and instructions, we jumped right into action with the first donors arriving right at 10 am. The next 4 hours was a truly heartwarming experience for our Volume Nine team!

We were able to meet and greet both individual donors and small business donors as they dropped off gifts and donations. Once we received the gifts we would then organize them accordingly. Many different groups, such as schools, churches and small businesses fulfilled the wishes of equally deserving programs through the Adopt-A-Program initiative and dropped donations off as well.

We were truly inspired and moved by the generosity of the Denver Community. From 10 am to 2 pm we worked as a team to help donors unload their cars, trucks and busses. That’s right! There were actually BUSLOADS of presents dropped off, including many brand new bicycles. The entire event was an amazing way for Volume Nine employees to give back to the community!

At Volume Nine we are always looking for ways to engage the community through volunteering and community service. We are thankful we had the chance to participate in this event and continue our ongoing relationship with Volunteers of America. To find out how you can help Volunteer of America, visit their website, http://www.voacolorado.org/, or call 303-297-0408. We are excited for 2014 and will be announcing upcoming events for this spring as we continue “Cranking Up The Community”!