Standing Warrior Strong with Arapahoe High School

Standing Warrior Strong with Arapahoe High School

The events that toArapahoe Warriors Ribbonok place at Arapahoe High School in Centennial, Colorado on December 13, 20013 struck a chord that was especially  close to home for the Volume Nine family.  Not only because of the tragedy of the situation having occurred here in the Denver area, but also because Volume Nine president, Chuck Aikens’ son, Tyler Aikens attends Arapahoe High School as a sophomore.

Tyler has been present for many Volume Nine events, even taking part in a company kickball game where he showed us all up and hanging out for other bond building activities…  In the spirit of his ‘get involved’ attitude, he worked with his dad to create T shirts to express the support and solidarity of the student body in the wake of a traumatic and confusing day.

Local company Proformance Apparel has graciously teamed up on the efforts to produce the Warrior Strong T shirts and make them available to all who want to show their support and/or make a donation to the cause for Claire’s care.  The shirts donning a logo designed with Tyler, Chuck and Ryan Masterson from Green Hat Web Solutions and 100% of proceeds go to Arapahoe High School .

Please join Volume Nine in standing Warrior Strong with the students, faculty, family and parents of Arapahoe High School.  Our hearts and thoughts are with them as they process and deal with such a tragic and heartbreaking event.  At a time when there are few words of comfort to help ease the pain, we also pray for peace and healing to all those affected.