Why Businesses Need to be on Social Media

Why Businesses Need to be on Social Media

In the past, businesses being present on social media was not a huge necessity. It was mainly there for a young audience to connect with one another by posting pictures. That is not the case anymore. Companies must be on Social Media now to reach out to the billions (yes, billions!) of people online.

Learn a little more about why you can’t ignore Social Media any longer:

1.     Social Proof

If your products or services are available to the general public, they’re most definitely being talked about online. By establishing branded social media profiles and pages, you’re giving your customers a designated place to share their reviews, testimonials, questions and thoughts. In this space, your brand can respond to those comments and provide answers and responses directly to your customers. In turn, when people do research about your product or service, they will be reassured that your business is reputable, trustworthy and communicative.  This is the new word-of-mouth marketing!

2. Targeted Audiences

Every brand has segmented audiences and personas that they want to target and get in front of. Being on social media is the BEST way to build these audiences and deliver your content to the EXACT person that should be seeing it. Using all the demographic, behavior and custom audience building options available on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest will allow you to get your content in front of the right people. Not using these features means your brand is missing out on a HUGE opportunity for new business.

3.     Decrease Time to Conversion

When people see consistently see your content and promotions on Facebook, follow your tweets and read your blog, they will take less convincing to buy your product. They are essentially your “online friend” and you will have built trust for your product because they have been exposed to your brand over and over—so when they are ready to buy, your company will be top-of-mind.

4.     Aids in Customer Service

Similar questions come up frequently in customer service departments. You can help out your online community by answering those questions quickly on your social media pages. This will also allow for your community to connect and answer each other’s questions based on their own experiences with the products—once again building brand trustworthiness. A high percentage of people turn to social media to get their questions answered from brands and businesses – so being present and and active is now vital component for a customer service plan.

5.     Your Competition is On It

Whatever your industry or niche market your company falls in, it is definitely represented on Social Media. Maintain your space in the industry by being competitive in the way you run your social media accounts. Producing and publishing innovative content that resonates well with your audience will lead to users engaging with your brand more so than the competition online. The best way to stand out from the competition is to form a social media strategy that focuses on bringing value to the user.

6.     Brand Awareness and Exposure – Reach

Part of a great marketing plan is including strategies to increase brand awareness and brand exposure. When it comes to social media pages like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter, creating engaging and interesting content is integral. Once you have a community consistently interacting with your brand, you’ve essentially started a successful brand awareness campaign. With ONE BILLION active users on Facebook, the options are basically endless of who will be exposed to your brand.

7.     Search Engine Rankings

When someone types in your brand name in a search engine, the goal is to dominate the results with your business’ assets. The best way to do this is to be established on multiple online platforms. As a business, you appear more credible and authoritative if your website listing is followed by a Facebook page, a LinkedIN page, a Twitter page, a Google+ page, a YouTube page, etc. In addition to this, Google will also find keywords in your social media and those have the potential to rank—for instance, certain keyword optimized boards on Pinterest will come up in Google searches.

8.     Quick Feedback

Having a customer base that you can access at anytime has its benefits. It’s like having a test group of people that already know and like your brand at the click of a button. If you have new products or new designs that you want feedback from the community on, you have the ability to get the honest truth from your followers — almost instantly! This allows you to make quick changes to new products based on the feedback of your       community. Use social media to discover and refine what your customers like and don’t like.

9.     Promotional Content

If your company/business wants to run a promotional campaign, one of the best channels to deliver it on is Facebook. Coupons, deals, contests, sweepstakes and giveaways are ideal for business Facebook pages. Not only will you be able reach a huge audience online, but you also end up retaining fans on your Facebook page for future remarketing opportunities. This is also a great way to get email addresses for email marketing campaign opportunities.

Written by Carly Webber, Senior Social Media Marketing Specialist for Volume Nine inc

Volume Nine is based in Denver Colorado that specializes in SEO, Content Marketing, and Social Media. We have been recognized by Fortune 5,000 and the Denver Business Journal as one of the fastest growing companies in the nation.