Analyze your e-commerce website for accurate shopping cart and attribution data. 

Good data makes good e-commerce. You need to leverage your analytics data to help you make informed, data-driven decisions for your e-commerce brand. Need help analyzing your past and present Google Analytics data?

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Get More E-Commerce Data Out of GA!

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Common E-commerce Data Issues

  • Is your data accurate?
  • Which products sell well?
  • Which products are best suited for your customer base?
  • Which products are supported by your marketing efforts?
  • Revenue per transaction and the number of products per transaction
  • How long it takes customers to make a purchase
  • What are your top performing channels?
  • Product trends to take advantage of
  • Content strategy for the website based on your existing site traffic trends

Enhanced E-commerce Support

Enhanced e-commerce for Google Analytics (Universal) offers up a goldmine of valuable information about your users’ purchases and shopping behavior. This robust e-commerce add-on allows you to measure how customers interact with products throughout their shopping experience.

Setting up enhanced e-commerce properly isn’t for the faint of heart. Get support for enhanced e-commerce setup and ensure your account tracks correctly and you take advantage of key features.

How We Can Help

  • Custom Analytics dashboards to better understand product sale trends
  • Channel/campaign analysis to justify marketing programs
  • Critical e-commerce KPIs (e.g. cost-per-acquisition or year over year revenue)
  • Cart abandonment analysis
  • Multi-channel conversion attribution ( helpful for understanding social media ROI)
  • Setting up projection models
  • Troubleshooting

What to expect with your E-commerce Analytics Consulting

  • Dedicated account manager with e-commerce experience
  • Business alignment
  • Benchmarks and industry stats
  • Customized reporting focused on KPIs
  • Access to senior team members as needed
  • Constant monitoring of key metrics for any red flags or drops
  • Prioritized recommendations focused on a quicker return on investment (ROI), based on your team and resources

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