Not Exactly Sure Your Shopping Cart Data is Accurate?

In ecommerce we know that good data makes good decisions. We’re ready to help you leverage your analytics data to help you make informed, data-driven decisions for your company.

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We can help you understand:

  • If the data you are collecting is accurate.
  • Which products sell well, and by inference, which products are best suited for your customer base and which are supported by your best marketing efforts.
  • The revenue per transaction, and the number of products per transaction.
  • How long it takes customers to make the decision to purchase.
  • Your top performing channels.
  • Product trends to take advantage of.
  • If you are ahead, on par with or behind industry benchmarks for traffic and user experience on the website.
  • Content strategy for the website based on your existing site traffic trends.

Enhanced Ecommerce Support

Enhanced Ecommerce for Google Analytics (Universal) offers up a goldmine of valuable information about your users’ purchases and shopping behavior. This more robust ecommerce add-on lets you measure how customers interact with products throughout their shopping experience.  However, setting up enhanced ecommerce properly isn’t for the faint of heart. We can help support getting enhanced ecommerce setup so that it’s tracking correctly and you are taking advantage of key features it has to offer.

A few examples of what we can help with include:

  • Enhanced Ecommerce Tracking Setup 
  • Custom Dashboards To Better Understand Product Sale Trends 
  • Channel/Campaign Analysis To Justify Marketing Programs 
  • Critical Ecommerce KPIs (e.g. Cost-Per-Acquisition, or Year over Year Revenue numbers) 
  • Cart Abandonment Analysis
  • Multi-Channel Conversion Attribution (Especially Helpful for understanding Social Media ROI) 
  • Setting up Projection Models
  • Troubleshooting

What to expect with our Ecommerce Analytics Consulting:

  • Dedicated Account Manager with Ecommerce experience
  • Business alignment
  • Benchmarks & industry stats
  • Customized reporting focused on KPIs
  • Access to senior team members as needed
  • Constant monitoring of key metrics for any red flags or drops
  • Prioritized recommendations focused on a quicker return on investment (ROI), based on your team and resources

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